Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming up on the holidays...

It's a little premature, but the holidays are fast approaching.  The way things go, the next post will be in the midst of them!

So you're 15 months old now!  At this age, I think I enjoy letting each little milestone sink in, and enjoy you for whatever stage you're in.

Sleeping...you're in your own room now, having adjusted pretty well.  A crib is more comfortable than a Pack-n-Play, and it seemed like you were getting a better night's sleep as a result.  Grandma came for a visit at the beginning of October, at which point you camped out in our room again...a bit of an adjustment again, as well as the transition back to your own room once Grandma left.  You're kind of a light sleeper when you're in our room, and you would wake up when we were going to bed.

As it stands now, you're sleeping fairly well, but still wake up once or twice at night to have a snack.  You do sleep in pretty well!

We're at a bit of a "sweet spot" in terms of you playing nicely with your brothers without a constant adult eye on you.  Sometimes your brothers don't want you to grab at their things, but everyone is still in various stages of learning to share.

You are SO excited to see certain things, and it's so much fun to see you light up when you see something familiar or exciting.  You run to us when we come to pick you up at daycare...it's really quite cute.  You get very excited when someone offers you a toy or stuffed animal...you hug your toy puppy so tightly, and you carry around Jared's Mickey Mouse, that is almost as big as you are, with a bright smile on your face.  You wave hi and bye-bye, and even say hi.  You say "mama" and "dada", and something that sounds a heck of a lot like "Daniel".  You like to say "yeah!" a lot, and you point to things and wait for us to name them.  Jared and Daniel make you laugh, and they both look out for you.

Daycare pictures came in, complete with a picture of all 3 of you together...all looking in the same direction...no one crying...

For Halloween, Daniel came up with the idea that you, Jared and he should be Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  As easy as that...costumes were put together (you were "Izzy", and everyone went out trick-or-treating!  You collected quite a bit of candy (without really trying!), falling asleep while Daddy carried you on the way home.

 And with that...here's to the coming holidays!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday and Big Things-a-Happenin!

Once again, slacker mom strikes again!  It may be partially due to the mommy revisiting playing the Sims again or just general, all around lazy and tiredness, but there's no time like the present for a little update!

The biggest news being that August 8th was your first birthday!  Time certainly does fly!  We celebrated with a cake that you promptly devoured (after your brothers helped you to blow out the candles).  Yummmmm!

Not too much later, you officially started taking steps!  You had been standing for a while, but not appearing brave enough or quite sure of yourself to take the first steps.  Instead, you'd lean towards one of us until we caught you.  Then you took a step or two backwards, and that seemed to work out pretty well!  Next came the forward, and within a week you were off!  One weekend you really got the hang of it and you haven't looked back since.

You checked out just fine at the doctor's appointment (well visit)...still small, but growing just fine!  You weighed 18lbs, 15.5oz and were 28 inches tall.  I realize how petite you are when you're still fitting into clothes meant for smaller babies.

You're eating like a champ (in fact, your diet is probably more diverse than Jared's right now!).  You gobble down macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, toast, yogurt, chicken nuggets and even mashed potatoes.

About a week ago, we let Stat back into the house and you've become quite fascinated with him.  At first you were a little nervous around him, but now you love to chase him down and grab at him (which he lets you do).

Well...that's the quick update!  It hardly seems possible that you're already a year...it doesn't seem so long ago that we were waiting anxiously for you to make your appearance!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Happy Un-birthday to Kaitlyn!

As I'm sitting here waiting to copy some files over, I thought it was about time to do another update.  Today is particularly apropos, as it was nearly Kaitlyn's real first birthday.

Luckily, the REAL birthday was delayed after this and two more false attempts.

In any case, we've had quite a few adventures in the past few weeks!  First, a little stay cation at the Arizona Grand resort.  You were very  much enjoying the wave pool and even the lazy river.

But by far the biggest excursion came with our trip to Reno for your uncle Gary's wedding!  A quick one and a half hour flight, and we were there.  Checked into the Peppermill and we had a nice little vacation before the big day later that week.

In other things, you had your very first ear infection (eep!), which cleared up pretty well.  Still growing pretty well and weighing in at 18lbs, 1.5oz at the doctor a few days ago!  You are standing up like a pro, not holding on to anything.  Not quite figuring out how to take those first steps, but that will come!

And with that...it's on the last stretch to your FIRST birthday.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Slacker Mom's 9-Month Update

Well, my dear little Kaitlyn...you are 9 months old!  Oh how the time flies!

So to give the quick run-down of everything, you've sprouted a total of SIX teeth so far (four on top, two on bottom).  It seems like once we get you recovered and back on track from one set of teeth sprouting, it's time for another, and the fussiness starts again (although it's getting easier as we go).

You're crawling!  Sitting up on your own!  Pulling up on everything!  This all seemed to happen one right after the other.  You had the "army crawl" started after you would try getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth for a while.  Now you do sort of a combination of all fours and army crawl (when you get lazy).  You love to pull up on everything...the little table in the living room, crate shelves, the side of the bathtub...you name it.

You eat like a champ as well...I think you have a more diverse set of foods that you'll eat than Jared does.  You love the puffs these days (when your brothers aren't stealing them from you), gobble down all sorts of pureed foods, you'll do Cheerios too, as well as bready things (like pancakes and breadsticks).

You love to chatter, and you (unfortunately) still get up a few times in the night.  We haven't moved you to your own room yet (but soon!).

Well...that's the basic run-down of things.  We'll see how much you've grown tomorrow at your doctor's appointment!  Happy 9 months, little lady!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Four and five months already!

I realized as I was going through the blog list that I hadn't given four month stats!

At the doctor, you were 13lbs, 2oz and 23 3/4 inches!  Growing well!  You did a good job of holding your head up for the doctor when she put you on your tummy.  Four shots again and oral vaccine (same stuff as at your 2 month appointment).

A week later, you were getting a bit fussy and not eating very much.  The daycare suggested we take you to the doctor just to be on the safe side (and since it was right before we were leaving for Reno, it was a good idea to go now rather than wait until we got back).  You had lost weight, going down about 5oz since the previous week.  No fever, but given that you weren't having a lot of wet diapers (which I thought was from lack of eating) the doctor suspected that it could be something like a UTI.  You had to be catheterized, but the urine came back positive!  Ugh!  You did remarkably well with the catheter, and it seemed much easier on you than it did on Daniel at that age.

Your first Christmas we spent in Nevada, and you got to add two more states to your list!  You've now been in 5 states (Arizona, Utah, Montana, Nevada and California!).  You also had your first snow experience and all of that good stuff.

Just yesterday you turned 5 months as well.  No doctor's appointment for that, so I don't have any growth stats...but you are definitely growing fast!