Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming up on the holidays...

It's a little premature, but the holidays are fast approaching.  The way things go, the next post will be in the midst of them!

So you're 15 months old now!  At this age, I think I enjoy letting each little milestone sink in, and enjoy you for whatever stage you're in.

Sleeping...you're in your own room now, having adjusted pretty well.  A crib is more comfortable than a Pack-n-Play, and it seemed like you were getting a better night's sleep as a result.  Grandma came for a visit at the beginning of October, at which point you camped out in our room again...a bit of an adjustment again, as well as the transition back to your own room once Grandma left.  You're kind of a light sleeper when you're in our room, and you would wake up when we were going to bed.

As it stands now, you're sleeping fairly well, but still wake up once or twice at night to have a snack.  You do sleep in pretty well!

We're at a bit of a "sweet spot" in terms of you playing nicely with your brothers without a constant adult eye on you.  Sometimes your brothers don't want you to grab at their things, but everyone is still in various stages of learning to share.

You are SO excited to see certain things, and it's so much fun to see you light up when you see something familiar or exciting.  You run to us when we come to pick you up at daycare...it's really quite cute.  You get very excited when someone offers you a toy or stuffed animal...you hug your toy puppy so tightly, and you carry around Jared's Mickey Mouse, that is almost as big as you are, with a bright smile on your face.  You wave hi and bye-bye, and even say hi.  You say "mama" and "dada", and something that sounds a heck of a lot like "Daniel".  You like to say "yeah!" a lot, and you point to things and wait for us to name them.  Jared and Daniel make you laugh, and they both look out for you.

Daycare pictures came in, complete with a picture of all 3 of you together...all looking in the same direction...no one crying...

For Halloween, Daniel came up with the idea that you, Jared and he should be Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  As easy as that...costumes were put together (you were "Izzy", and everyone went out trick-or-treating!  You collected quite a bit of candy (without really trying!), falling asleep while Daddy carried you on the way home.

 And with that...here's to the coming holidays!

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