Monday, May 12, 2014

Slacker Mom's 9-Month Update

Well, my dear little are 9 months old!  Oh how the time flies!

So to give the quick run-down of everything, you've sprouted a total of SIX teeth so far (four on top, two on bottom).  It seems like once we get you recovered and back on track from one set of teeth sprouting, it's time for another, and the fussiness starts again (although it's getting easier as we go).

You're crawling!  Sitting up on your own!  Pulling up on everything!  This all seemed to happen one right after the other.  You had the "army crawl" started after you would try getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth for a while.  Now you do sort of a combination of all fours and army crawl (when you get lazy).  You love to pull up on everything...the little table in the living room, crate shelves, the side of the name it.

You eat like a champ as well...I think you have a more diverse set of foods that you'll eat than Jared does.  You love the puffs these days (when your brothers aren't stealing them from you), gobble down all sorts of pureed foods, you'll do Cheerios too, as well as bready things (like pancakes and breadsticks).

You love to chatter, and you (unfortunately) still get up a few times in the night.  We haven't moved you to your own room yet (but soon!).

Well...that's the basic run-down of things.  We'll see how much you've grown tomorrow at your doctor's appointment!  Happy 9 months, little lady!

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