Thursday, January 9, 2014

Four and five months already!

I realized as I was going through the blog list that I hadn't given four month stats!

At the doctor, you were 13lbs, 2oz and 23 3/4 inches!  Growing well!  You did a good job of holding your head up for the doctor when she put you on your tummy.  Four shots again and oral vaccine (same stuff as at your 2 month appointment).

A week later, you were getting a bit fussy and not eating very much.  The daycare suggested we take you to the doctor just to be on the safe side (and since it was right before we were leaving for Reno, it was a good idea to go now rather than wait until we got back).  You had lost weight, going down about 5oz since the previous week.  No fever, but given that you weren't having a lot of wet diapers (which I thought was from lack of eating) the doctor suspected that it could be something like a UTI.  You had to be catheterized, but the urine came back positive!  Ugh!  You did remarkably well with the catheter, and it seemed much easier on you than it did on Daniel at that age.

Your first Christmas we spent in Nevada, and you got to add two more states to your list!  You've now been in 5 states (Arizona, Utah, Montana, Nevada and California!).  You also had your first snow experience and all of that good stuff.

Just yesterday you turned 5 months as well.  No doctor's appointment for that, so I don't have any growth stats...but you are definitely growing fast!

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