Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday and Big Things-a-Happenin!

Once again, slacker mom strikes again!  It may be partially due to the mommy revisiting playing the Sims again or just general, all around lazy and tiredness, but there's no time like the present for a little update!

The biggest news being that August 8th was your first birthday!  Time certainly does fly!  We celebrated with a cake that you promptly devoured (after your brothers helped you to blow out the candles).  Yummmmm!

Not too much later, you officially started taking steps!  You had been standing for a while, but not appearing brave enough or quite sure of yourself to take the first steps.  Instead, you'd lean towards one of us until we caught you.  Then you took a step or two backwards, and that seemed to work out pretty well!  Next came the forward, and within a week you were off!  One weekend you really got the hang of it and you haven't looked back since.

You checked out just fine at the doctor's appointment (well visit)...still small, but growing just fine!  You weighed 18lbs, 15.5oz and were 28 inches tall.  I realize how petite you are when you're still fitting into clothes meant for smaller babies.

You're eating like a champ (in fact, your diet is probably more diverse than Jared's right now!).  You gobble down macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, toast, yogurt, chicken nuggets and even mashed potatoes.

About a week ago, we let Stat back into the house and you've become quite fascinated with him.  At first you were a little nervous around him, but now you love to chase him down and grab at him (which he lets you do).

Well...that's the quick update!  It hardly seems possible that you're already a doesn't seem so long ago that we were waiting anxiously for you to make your appearance!

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