Monday, January 2, 2017

January the 2nd

We made the second post in a row for the year!  You slept in the latest out of all of your siblings today (although not TOO late) and watched a lot of TV and played your "songs" on the computer.  You've been wanting mommy quite a lot lately (and wanting to be the "baby"), so we're going with it for a while.  You're doing a GREAT job with potty training, and you get a blind bag or squishy pop (with My Little Pony or TsumTsum in it) if you earn a potty reward.

We took a little trip out to the pet store and to Target and then home again. again!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year!

Happy New Year!

Today, you are 1,242 days old!  That seems pretty insane, but it's just easier to remember that you are three!  Quite the sass in your step, keeping everyone on their toes.

New Years Eve was almost just another weekend day for you, but you did get to stay up a tiny bit later and play with Linda's dog, Gismo a bit.  No staying up late to see the ball drop this year!  Although we did do some sparklers in the backyard.  Today, not much new going on, and we stayed home for the day and sort of just relaxed.

Happy 2017!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Two Days, One Post

So your mom completely spaced out on putting up a post yesterday.  Oops!  And almost flaked out on doing one tonight to catch-up, but then Daddy reminded her to do it!

Sunday.  We filled up the pool that we bought you guys for the backyard and you spent some time outside splashing around.  You were pretty darn tired in the early afternoon, and quite a bit cranky in the pool before we headed out for a bit of a car ride.  At least you got a little bit of a nap while we drove around.

That's about all for Sunday (and here's the picture!):

Onto today!  We had a lunch date all set up with some of Mommy's former co-workers.  You had a few bits of mac n cheese, but was pretty content to play on the iPad that we'd brought with us.  No nap for you today, even in the car on the way back...sort of hoped that the timing would have been good on that one!

After we got back home, you watched a little TV and then the boys wanted to go outside again to jump in the pool.  You weren't too happy when Jared kept splashing you (as evidenced by the shrieks every few minutes).  A few computer games later, a little snack here and there for dinner and it was bedtime!  Tomorrow is daycare!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Happy Saturday!  We (your dad and I) got up this morning to find you had scattered crunched up corn chips on the living room floor.  Very entertaining.

I'll spare the details of the super fun clean up and the time it took for us to get out of the house to run errands at Target.  On the agenda...swim suits!  We got you a REAL swimsuit (one without the diaper, essentially).  Most of the swimsuits for kids nowadays come with the shirts that offer a little sun protection.  It's still pretty cute though.

After Target, we hit up South Mountain in hopes that you'd nap..  You looked pretty tired when we headed up, but you were quite chatty (singing songs to yourself and talking non-stop).  Of course, you fall asleep when we're about 10 minutes from home, so we stopped at the grocery store really quickly and just let you nap a little in the car.  I think you were ready for bed early again tonight.

Anyway, that's our Saturday!  Usually the week days tend to be a bit more eventful, but I guess we'll see what we can come up with to do tomorrow!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Kaitlyn's Turn!

I really HAVE been slacking when it comes to blog posting...for everyone!  I can't even begin to catch up since the last post, so we'll try to do that later, perhaps.

In any case, since the last post, you've gained another year and change under your belt, and you've been promoted to being a big sister!  You talk up a storm all the time, and you have been in your big girl bed for a while was a pretty seamless transition!  And the latest thing is being a little more successful at using the potty!

As for was pretty good.  No nap, so you were pretty tired earlier this evening.  You still do need your naps, and you get very whiney and emotional when you are tired.  You enjoyed playing outside off and on today, and really enjoyed playing on mommy's computer (playing YouTube videos!).

In the interest of time, I'll cut it off here...but if mommy's challenge is a success, we'll have another post tomorrow!  Happy Friday!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Coming up on the holidays...

It's a little premature, but the holidays are fast approaching.  The way things go, the next post will be in the midst of them!

So you're 15 months old now!  At this age, I think I enjoy letting each little milestone sink in, and enjoy you for whatever stage you're in.'re in your own room now, having adjusted pretty well.  A crib is more comfortable than a Pack-n-Play, and it seemed like you were getting a better night's sleep as a result.  Grandma came for a visit at the beginning of October, at which point you camped out in our room again...a bit of an adjustment again, as well as the transition back to your own room once Grandma left.  You're kind of a light sleeper when you're in our room, and you would wake up when we were going to bed.

As it stands now, you're sleeping fairly well, but still wake up once or twice at night to have a snack.  You do sleep in pretty well!

We're at a bit of a "sweet spot" in terms of you playing nicely with your brothers without a constant adult eye on you.  Sometimes your brothers don't want you to grab at their things, but everyone is still in various stages of learning to share.

You are SO excited to see certain things, and it's so much fun to see you light up when you see something familiar or exciting.  You run to us when we come to pick you up at's really quite cute.  You get very excited when someone offers you a toy or stuffed hug your toy puppy so tightly, and you carry around Jared's Mickey Mouse, that is almost as big as you are, with a bright smile on your face.  You wave hi and bye-bye, and even say hi.  You say "mama" and "dada", and something that sounds a heck of a lot like "Daniel".  You like to say "yeah!" a lot, and you point to things and wait for us to name them.  Jared and Daniel make you laugh, and they both look out for you.

Daycare pictures came in, complete with a picture of all 3 of you together...all looking in the same one crying...

For Halloween, Daniel came up with the idea that you, Jared and he should be Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  As easy as that...costumes were put together (you were "Izzy", and everyone went out trick-or-treating!  You collected quite a bit of candy (without really trying!), falling asleep while Daddy carried you on the way home.

 And with's to the coming holidays!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Birthday and Big Things-a-Happenin!

Once again, slacker mom strikes again!  It may be partially due to the mommy revisiting playing the Sims again or just general, all around lazy and tiredness, but there's no time like the present for a little update!

The biggest news being that August 8th was your first birthday!  Time certainly does fly!  We celebrated with a cake that you promptly devoured (after your brothers helped you to blow out the candles).  Yummmmm!

Not too much later, you officially started taking steps!  You had been standing for a while, but not appearing brave enough or quite sure of yourself to take the first steps.  Instead, you'd lean towards one of us until we caught you.  Then you took a step or two backwards, and that seemed to work out pretty well!  Next came the forward, and within a week you were off!  One weekend you really got the hang of it and you haven't looked back since.

You checked out just fine at the doctor's appointment (well visit)...still small, but growing just fine!  You weighed 18lbs, 15.5oz and were 28 inches tall.  I realize how petite you are when you're still fitting into clothes meant for smaller babies.

You're eating like a champ (in fact, your diet is probably more diverse than Jared's right now!).  You gobble down macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, toast, yogurt, chicken nuggets and even mashed potatoes.

About a week ago, we let Stat back into the house and you've become quite fascinated with him.  At first you were a little nervous around him, but now you love to chase him down and grab at him (which he lets you do).

Well...that's the quick update!  It hardly seems possible that you're already a doesn't seem so long ago that we were waiting anxiously for you to make your appearance!