Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Happy Un-birthday to Kaitlyn!

As I'm sitting here waiting to copy some files over, I thought it was about time to do another update.  Today is particularly apropos, as it was nearly Kaitlyn's real first birthday.

Luckily, the REAL birthday was delayed after this and two more false attempts.

In any case, we've had quite a few adventures in the past few weeks!  First, a little stay cation at the Arizona Grand resort.  You were very  much enjoying the wave pool and even the lazy river.

But by far the biggest excursion came with our trip to Reno for your uncle Gary's wedding!  A quick one and a half hour flight, and we were there.  Checked into the Peppermill and we had a nice little vacation before the big day later that week.

In other things, you had your very first ear infection (eep!), which cleared up pretty well.  Still growing pretty well and weighing in at 18lbs, 1.5oz at the doctor a few days ago!  You are standing up like a pro, not holding on to anything.  Not quite figuring out how to take those first steps, but that will come!

And with's on the last stretch to your FIRST birthday.

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