Friday, May 20, 2016

Kaitlyn's Turn!

I really HAVE been slacking when it comes to blog posting...for everyone!  I can't even begin to catch up since the last post, so we'll try to do that later, perhaps.

In any case, since the last post, you've gained another year and change under your belt, and you've been promoted to being a big sister!  You talk up a storm all the time, and you have been in your big girl bed for a while was a pretty seamless transition!  And the latest thing is being a little more successful at using the potty!

As for was pretty good.  No nap, so you were pretty tired earlier this evening.  You still do need your naps, and you get very whiney and emotional when you are tired.  You enjoyed playing outside off and on today, and really enjoyed playing on mommy's computer (playing YouTube videos!).

In the interest of time, I'll cut it off here...but if mommy's challenge is a success, we'll have another post tomorrow!  Happy Friday!!!

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