Monday, May 23, 2016

Two Days, One Post

So your mom completely spaced out on putting up a post yesterday.  Oops!  And almost flaked out on doing one tonight to catch-up, but then Daddy reminded her to do it!

Sunday.  We filled up the pool that we bought you guys for the backyard and you spent some time outside splashing around.  You were pretty darn tired in the early afternoon, and quite a bit cranky in the pool before we headed out for a bit of a car ride.  At least you got a little bit of a nap while we drove around.

That's about all for Sunday (and here's the picture!):

Onto today!  We had a lunch date all set up with some of Mommy's former co-workers.  You had a few bits of mac n cheese, but was pretty content to play on the iPad that we'd brought with us.  No nap for you today, even in the car on the way back...sort of hoped that the timing would have been good on that one!

After we got back home, you watched a little TV and then the boys wanted to go outside again to jump in the pool.  You weren't too happy when Jared kept splashing you (as evidenced by the shrieks every few minutes).  A few computer games later, a little snack here and there for dinner and it was bedtime!  Tomorrow is daycare!

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