Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Less Than 100 Days to Go!

This is completely random, and I noticed it almost serendipitously last night, but it is now 99 days until your due date!  I was setting up a ticker/count-down timer on my tablet last night and it came up as being 100 that was pretty interesting!

Today you are 25 weeks, 6 days.  This past weekend, we had your "fun" ultrasound and, yes, you're still a girl and we got to see some of the features on your super cute little face!  You do look like your brothers...same nose, same chin, same general shape.  You were loving to play with your hands and feet, and your feet are up so close to your face...very flexible!  One thing that was different between you and your brothers is that it looked like your eyes were open off and on!  I think you could hear them (being silly) during the ultrasound.

Not too much terribly exciting going on with doctor's appointments and the like...other than we have the 1 hour glucose screen coming up (whenever I get around to taking it...maybe Friday?).  I'm not too worried, since everything was fine with Jared, and even after he was born I was just fine with the 2 hour test.  We don't have another appointment for about 2 more weeks.

The rolls and kicks are getting more frequent, even though there are some times that I can't feel you at all.  It makes me a little nervous (with no rational reason!) when I see you kicking or punching where your placenta is in the's probably fine, it just creeps me out!  You do most of your moving around at night, so both me and your daddy feel you in there.

Well...that's about all!  I don't have the pictures from your ultrasound here, but I'll add them soon (when I get home, hopefully!).

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