Saturday, June 15, 2013

Long Road of Bedrest

Even though the last post seemed pretty uneventful, there's been quite a lot happening since!  I've already typed it out a bunch of times (and I'll link it soon!), but the short of it is that we were experiencing some pre-term labor that landed us in the hospital for about 4 days.  It was not the best of days, but we got through it, and now we're just hanging out at home, trying to keep you in as long as we can!

It makes me feel better that you seem to be doing pretty well (pretty healthy by ultrasound and all sorts of other tests).  We got a couple of shots of steroids while in the hospital to help with your lung development, just in case you were to come early!  I guess when I wished that this pregnancy wasn't going so fast, I should have been careful what I wished for!  Things have slowed down immensely in my head, and the past week has been very slow.

The one good thing to come out of it is lots of ultrasounds.  Lots of opportunity to see your cute little face (and the techs have even said you have a bit of hair as well!).  I'm excited to see you, to see what you are really like, and excited for your brothers to meet you, but I have patience as well.  It's estimated that you're about 2 and a half pounds, but I am frightened by you being born that small...your brothers were both over 8 pounds, and they seemed fragile to me at first, I can't imagine what a much smaller baby would be like.  I also don't want to have to have you stay in the hospital for very long after birth either.  Anyway, I try not to think about these least too much!

Well, one of these times I'll get to scanning your ultrasound're getting bigger, so they look a whole lot different, but they're still interesting!  Keep on baking...and I'll do my best to keep you in!

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