Friday, May 10, 2013

24 Weeks and Almost Summer!

It's already well into May, and it feels like it's summer time...which should give me lots of time to write, right?  But I've been slacking, as always ends up happening, and now you're 24 weeks (and 1 day!) along!

No longer is gender ambiguity!  On April 3rd, we found out that you are a GIRL!  I have to admit I had no strong feelings either way (your dad was convinced that you were a girl, and so glad he was right!).  It makes it easy since we have your  name all picked out and all of that good stuff.  Everything has checked out pretty well at the past doctor's appointments too (heartbeats solid in the 150 range).  At the ultrasound where we found out that you were pink (vs blue), the tech wasn't able to get all of the measurements that she needed, just due to your we got to go back for another ultrasound this past Monday to get the rest.  You are still so squirmy, and it was funny to watch the tech get you into a good position, only to have you throw your arm up in the way right before she took a measurement.  You measured pretty much right on target (not "earlier" or "later" than your due date would say...46th percentile) maybe you'll be smaller than your brothers (but not too much!) when you're born.

Tuesday, right after the ultrasound/appointment, on the other hand, wasn't so great.  Me, your daddy and Daniel all had food poisoning and were throwing up (or having it come out of the other end).  Jared escaped because he didn't eat what we had for dinner the night before (pizza).  I don't think you were too thrilled with me throwing up every hour or so for a while there, and I was in a world of pain the next day (cramping, intermittent contractions and so on, probably exacerbated by dehydration).  Luckily, everyone has recovered pretty well, just in time for the weekend!

Other than that, some things to look forward to are scheduling your "fun" 3D/4D ultrasound here in the near future!  Daniel had his the day before he turned 24 weeks, and Jared a bit later at around 28 or 29 weeks.  We're hoping to hit a middle ground with you and maybe do it around 26 weeks!  We want to do some family pictures too, and you'll be in there, just as a belly though (for now!).

And that's about it!  Time to settle in for the long summer...even though less than 16 weeks until your due date doesn't seem like that long!

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