Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Last Day of Ambiguity!

Gender ambiguity, that is!  Yes, that's right...tomorrow you will (most likely) be known from here on out as a "he" or a "she".  It's come upon us all really quickly, and I don't hesitate to say that it's come more quickly than with your brothers!

To state the obvious, tomorrow your parents will know if they'll have three sons come August, or two sons and a daughter.  As most every parent says, a healthy child is most important...which it is...but it's hard not to wish for one over the other, or think of how things might be in the future if it's one sex over another.  So here's my thoughts.

There's advantages to either sex!  I won't say disadvantages, because that's not what we're really going for here.  If both of your older brothers were girls, I think we'd be leaning towards a boy, just to have at least one of each and to kind of balance things out, so to speak.  So, it'd be nice to have a girl, for reason that we do not have one and we'd like to experience that.  Three boys would be good in a lot of ways too.  I was packing away some of the clothing that Jared had outgrown (and in some cases, it was clothing that Daniel had worn, that was passed on, etc).  Some were super cute, and some I wish hadn't gotten lost in the laundry or something, or had been more in season for both to wear.  Toys...yeah we have lots of trucks and legos and other things.

So I totally lied...said I wasn't going to talk about the disadvantages, and I suppose that's still true, as I'm not getting into the disadvantages of being a boy.  Rather...we don't have a name!  Such a problem to have, right?  And that's really about all!

I hesitate to make any of my own predictions, because I really don't know, and I really don't have any indications that you're one over the other.  They say that mom's are supposed to have this sense as to the gender of their unborn child, but I don't.  And I don't know if I want to, for reason that I don't want to get it into my head that you're one over the other, and have it not be the case.  Ambiguity today, certainty (well, mostly), tomorrow!

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