Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Can't end the day without a Christmas-themed blog entry!  Well, things are moving along, and it still doesn't yet "feel" like you're there yet, but I'm not worried about that!  Today you are 4 weeks, 4 days along, and for some reason it seems like it should be more, but also it seems like the time is flying by!

No real morning sickness to speak of yet, although there was one night where I had some stomach upset, maybe due to something I ate?  Took a Zofran, went back to bed and that was that.  Some smells are starting to make me a little bit nauseous, but nothing major, and nothing putting me over into "puking purgatory" yet.  Sleep is always good, but I haven't been just zonking out before 9pm.  Your brother Jared has been a little bit under the weather, so he's been keeping us up periodically through the night.  Definitely not helping with any fatigue.

Other than that...I've been as hungry as ever!  Also VERY thirsty, but that could be due to the dry weather.  No weight gain, as far as I know, but after eating so much around the holidays, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first pregnancy where I actually GAIN weight in the first trimester!

I should also mention that our first appointment is January 11th!  You'll be 7 weeks, 1 day along, even earlier than your brothers were at their first doctor's visit.  We're still pretty excited!

In any case, Christmas was great!  Your oldest brother, Daniel, was really understanding Santa this year, and was really surprised at all of the presents under the tree and at your grandma and grandpa's house. As I mentioned before, Jared was feeling a little worse for wear, but he still had fun with his gifts too.  Just think, next Christmas you'll be spending on the outside!

So no picture or anything like that, other than your ticker (which, yes, I know it isn't updating...on purpose.  Today you are 4 weeks, 4 days...on another day, you'll be more!)

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