Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catching Up on Things...

I guess there's been a ton of things that happened in the weeks (eep!) since the last post.  Hopefully, I'll make it through all of the major things and have time to spare tonight to update your picture-a-day stuff!

So we start at six weeks!  That's more of a milestone for mommy, not necessarily you.  We went to mommy's 6-week post-partum check and by all counts, everything is pretty good.  Six weeks is also the end of maternity leave, and so back to work it is!  Although this time it is only to work out the 7 days that were left before the whole pre-term labor stuff started.  Instead of popping you in daycare, you came with me to work (saves money, doesn't it?).

After finishing out the last days of work and departing, we had another part of a week alone together (not including when Daniel is home from school).  This time was spent getting ready for our trip up north to Montana.

We flew up to MT on Saturday the 5th, and you did wonderfully on the plane (slept most of the time).  We arrived in Great Falls a bit after 6pm, got our rental car and headed out for the hour long (ish) drive to your grandparents house.  This trip was a bit bittersweet, as it is not only the first time that your grandparents met you, but also the last time that you got to see your grandfather.  Your Grandpa Stone was pretty sick in the weeks leading up, which we knew, but it was a very sad time, as he passed away right before midnight on October 9th.

As weddings and funerals tend to be the time where family and friends gather, there was lots of both that came for the memorial service on Saturday.  You got to meet many of your aunts and uncles (great- and otherwise) and cousins.

We flew back on Sunday the 13th, in time for you to start your first day at daycare on Monday.  You did GREAT, as we figured you would.  It also made you sleep like a champ...bedding down at around 11 for the night and not getting up to eat until around 6!  The same was true for the next few nights, sleeping for at least a 5-6 hour stretch or more!

Backpedaling a little, you turned 2 months old while we were in Montana, and we're anxious to see how much you've grown when you have your 2 month well check next week!

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